Team Pro 21/22Nikki TAYLOR

Poste: Pointue                                                    Numéro de maillot: 14

Date de naissance: 23/07/1995                    Pays d’origine: USA

Taille: 193 cm                                                       Poids: 90 kg

Palmarès Individuel

Palmarès individuel
2019-2020 Rote Raben Vilsbiburg Volleyball Bundesliga
Ranked #5 Top Scorer
Ranked #2 Service Point scorer
Ranked #7 Attack points
Ranked #20 Block points
Gold MVP 3 time
Silver MVP 1 time
Ranked #3 in points per set with 4.62
Scored 259 points in total for season
Clubs précédents
2018 Lardini Fillotrano, Italy
2018-2019LP Kangasala, Finland
2019-2020Rote Raben Vilsbiburg, Germany
2020-2021 VBC Cheseaux, Switzerland


Quel est ton meilleur souvenir de volley-ball ?
My best volleyball memory is when my college team at University of Hawaii beat the reigning National Champions Penn State In 3 sets to get to the Elite 8 in the NCAA national Championships

Quel est ton ambition pour cette année?
my ambition individually for this season is to score a lot of points each game for my team. And my ambition for our team as a whole is to have a successful season that impresses the sponsors, fans, and league.

Quel est ton rituel d’avant match ?
My pre-match ritual is to have a coffee, listen to good music, pray with my father, and talk to my boyfriend.

Quel est ton geste préféré au volley ?
My favorite gesture in volleyball is to point to or high five my teammates!

Quel est ton sportif préféré ?
I do not have one favorite athlete. I try to talk things I like from numerous athletes and implement them into my own game. Two female athletes that I really like are Jordan Larson & April Ross. I like Jordan for her strong skills in each aspect of volleyball, and I love watching how powerful yet crafty April Ross is. She can be powerful with her attacking but crafty with the placement of her shots.

Quel événement sportif t’a le plus marqué ?
In my career I have had many sporting events that have impacted me. I have also been fortunate to witness high level volleyball which has also impacted my game greatly! It’s too hard for me to pick one specific one when I have been fortunate to have many!

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